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Heavy Duty Conservation Net

$120.99 - $139.99

Heavy Duty Conservation Net

Hoop Size

Frabill Conservation Series nets are designed with safe catch and release in mind. All nets feature 100% knotless mesh netting, eliminating injuries commonly caused by sharp knots. Flat, linear bottoms reduce fish rolling and support the weight of the entire fish. Tangle-free coating prevents hooks entangling in net. Mesh guard hoops resist wear and greatly extend the life of the net. Conservation series nets are offered in a series of specie-specific designs that make proper net selection easy for any angler. FEATURES: 26" x 30" Teardrop Hoop Mesh Guard, 1" Knotless Micro Mesh Netting, 38" Linear Bottom, 1" Camlock Telescoping Handle (48" to 96" ), Pow'R LokTM Yoke System, Corrosion-Proof Composite Construction, Automatic Locking with Perfect Handle Alignment. Great for Walleye.

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