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Choosing a Hub Shelter: 4 Things You Need to Know

November 21, 2018

As cold winter winds roll in, it’s time to start prepping your ice fishing gear. That includes your ice house. And if you haven’t checked out hub shelters yet – what are you waiting for? They are durable, lightweight, easy to operate, and now they have more fishable space than ever before. Here are the key things to look for when choosing a hub shelter for your ice fishing adventures.

Hub shelters fold up to a compact unit that easy to transport in a carry bag. The new Frabill Fortress weights just 33 pounds. It is designed for the adventure-seeking angler that doesn’t hesitate to get off the beaten path.

Fishing Space
In the case of hub shelters, compact doesn’t have to mean small. The Frabill Fortress has 69 square feet of fishing space for up to three anglers, thanks to new Kick-out Hub Technology that uses patented hub extensions to expand the useable ice surface inside the shelter. Gear can now be stored in corners that never existed before, leaving you with more room to fish. Moving from the floor to the ceiling, the Fortress has 80 inches of head space which makes getting in and out of your shelter easy. Plus, there is plenty of room for solid hooksets and to stand while fighting a fish.The new Frabill Fortress has 55 percent more fishing space thanks to new Kick-Out Hub Technology.

Ease of Use
When it’s cold out, simplified set up and takedown is imperative. New pull tabs on each of the four Frabill Fortress hubs allow you to grab, pull and pop out each side to have your shelter standing in a matter of seconds. Pop the top and you’ll be grabbing for your fishing rod to get at it! This new design makes set up and takedown a breeze.

Conditions on the ice can be tough. The increased ice area with the Frabill Fortress means a bigger footprint on the ice, and the angled design of the kickout cuts down on flat surface sides to catch the wind. This means greater stability in wind and harsh weather.

Seeing is believing, and with 55 percent more fishing space any angler that has spent time in an ice shelter will automatically see the difference in the Frabill Fortress. Why settle for less?

The Frabill Fortress is a go-to for ice pro Brian “Bro” Brosdahl during early ice. Read Bro’s other fishing tips for early ice walleyes.

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