UMBRELLA NET 40" x 40"

Proven success with baitfish and crawfish Its possible to catch bait fish without ever getting your feet wet thanks to an umbrella net. All it takes is a dock boat or other elevated position. Use at any depth by lowering the net waiting for fish to swim over it then quickly raising it to trap your catch.

BAITFISH are commonly caught by sprinkling bait (bread and cracker crumbs are two favorites) over the submerged net and waiting for the minnows to arrive. Some prefer trapping at night when a flashlight shining into the water is enough to lure small fish.

CRAWFISH baiting requires lowering the net to the bottom with a quantity of bait and a rock (for quicker sinking) in its center. The greedy crawfish will stay with the bait until the net leaves the water and its too late to escape.

Product SKU: 2145


  • Large 40" x 40" size
  • Ideal for any elevated position
  • Black poly netting won't absorb water
  • 1/4" mesh
  • 39" x 6" x 1.5"

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