Choose your weapon. Frabill has developed rod and reel combinations for every angler with a touch\, feel and action suitable for all types of hard water fishing. A full-line of graphite and composite rods paired with straight line and spinning reels match up with every angler style. So whether you're going for large or small species\, deep of shallow water\, dead sticking or finesse jigging\, you'll find one killer combination.
Product SKU: 670701


  • Lightweight composite construction for strength and durability

  • Includes short and long reel stems. Whether you prefer to palm your reel or grip the rod handle, this reel can be customized to your fishing style
  • Long stem positions reel away from rod accommodating winter gloves
  • Short stem for those who prefer the compact size to palm the reel
  • Composite reel won’t feel cold in frigid temperatures

  • 2:6:1 Reel ratio
 with super smooth drag & instant anti-reverse
  • 16'' Line retrieval per revolution
  • Line feeds straight off spool, eliminating line coiling and spinning
of tackle

  • 4 Plus 1 ball bearing reel with Ultra-Fine free spooling

  • Ambidextrous oversized reel handle for ultimate control

  • Audible / silent bait alarm switch
  • Free Spool to easily drop smallest jigs
  • Frabill’s exclusive Sub-Zero® lube ensures smooth operation in the coldest temperatures

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